Day: March 25, 2009

Skoy Cloths

I’m a mom who’s on the mission of going green in my day to day life. I cloth diaper my baby, I use totes when shopping, I use energy saving appliances, and I use Eco friendly cleaning supplies. So you can bet when I learned about the earth friendly Skoy cloths, I was ecstatic.

Basically the Skoy Cloth is an Eco friendly alternative to using paper towels and sponges. I was never really huge on using sponges as I know how much disgusting bacteria they can hold. Just writing that sentence makes me shudder at the thought. The Skoy unlike regular sponges dries incredibly quickly so it’s less likely to get lots of bacteria. You can also easily throw it in the washer/dryer, dishwasher and microwave (1-2 minutes) to refresh it and keep it healthy and germ free. raffiamedium

Skoy Cloths are 100% Biodegradable made from natural cotton and wood based cellulose pulp. The feel of this cloth is like soft card board and the bottom is textured which helps give it scrubbing power. Measuring in at 7×7 this cloth is perfect fit for my hand too, not to big and not to little. You can also use popular household cleaners as well as just water.

The Skoy cloth has the ability to absorb fifteen times its own weight! This is great for when drinks may get knocked over, which can happen quite easily when you have a child at home.

One Skoy Cloth can keep 15 rolls of paper towels out of the landfills! I feel bad for buying paper towels in bulk at Costco. I honestly didn’t use paper towels much before and we ended up having to store them in various place in our home! Skoys take up no room at all which is good if you are a family of three living in a small apartment.

I’ve been using my Skoys for everything! I’ve assigned one to the kitchen stove and counter tops, another to the bathroom, one to the windows and mirrors, and the fourth one I received to my child’s high chair and dining table! I haven’t’ found anything I don’t like about these cloths. I’m going to be moving in a few weeks and they are going to be used a whole lot to get this place spic and span for sure.

The Skoy cloth is a new smart eco friendly, affordable, and durable way to clean! They are available in a variety of styles and fun patterns. The packing the cloth’s come in is also in eco friendly rafia instead of commonly used plastic.

You can get four cloths for 5.99 or subscribe to get 8 cloths every three months for a really great price! I love these cloths so much that I am on a mission to let the world know! These would make great gifts for all my family and friends. How about yours? Check out Skoy Cloth today!