Day: March 4, 2009

Munchie Mug Review


My daughter loves snacks with a passion! If you say the word puff, yum-yum, or snack, she comes crawling as fast as she can with a huge grin on her face! She likes doing things herself so instead of me giving her one snack at the time, she wants to hold the bowl of snacks all by herself. You can only guess what happens next! She becoming so overjoyed that I let her have the snack bowel, picks it up with a squeal launching her goodies everywhere!  What a mess for this mommy to clean up!

I then discovered the Munchie Mug! This wonderful little device has made snack time a lot more enjoyable for Mommy and my daughter. Basically, the Munchie Mug is a cup and good size one at that.  The mug has a soft cloth like lid that slides over your childs hand to retrieve the munchie and then they can easily remove their hand it closes! I was wondering why know one thought of this before now!

100_7328I am in love with the Munchie Mug as there has been no snack time mess since I’ve begun using it! Some other pros are that it is  top rack dishwasher safe and it is so convenient for us when we are on the go.

It is 100% made in the USA and made 100% of FDA approved materials. It is also 100% recyclable so great for the environment.  I think it’s great too that if you use ziplcok bags or sometihng of the sort for snacks, that you won’t have to anymore. You’ll be thinkg Green when you use this as you’ll be eliminating waste as well! What are waiting for, get your own at

The Couponizer Review


I was not incredibly happy with my past organization system for coupons. My normal day at the grocery store consisted of me digging through a too small envelope with many coupons becoming disorganized as I dug. Sometimes through my digging, coupons would get lost and fall upon the floor. My good deed to helping my family save was becoming a huge hassle! This did not save me any time and it left me feeling slightly frustrated. couponizer-paklg

I learned about The Couponizer and was given an opportunity to review it myself. Basically the Couponizer is a fantastic organizational tool created by Amy Bergin with the help of her husband; she set out to help us save time and money to make our lives a bit easier!

It’s really easy to use! So, let me enlighten you on how it works!

First things first, you need to go through your local coupons ads or wherever else you happen to get those wonderful money saving deals and clip or print out your coupons!

Next you can use the CoupStacker! This allows you to pre-sort your coupons by categories. I found that this saved me so much time and the idea of it is pure genius.

After you are finished clipping with the nifty included scissors and categorizing with the CoupStacker, you can now open your Couponizer book. Now is when you can file your coupons in the Pre-labeled category pockets.

That’s basically it but there are some extras that I really like! There’s a section to file coupons that will expire this month and also a pocket to store coupons to be used on this shopping trip! I said it before and I’ll say it again, pure coupon2genius. Can you imagine how much time this would save most people?

My personal favorite feature is that there is a place for receipts and a CoupTracker. The CoupTracker basically is there to help you keep track of your spending. This is great for us that are trying to stick to a budget and I’m sure that this good for us that are already trying to save using coupons! Another great thing is that The Couponizer also comes in nice plastic bag for you to protect it!

Let’s say you need a new CoupStacker or refills for the CoupTracker, no problem you can buy refills for incredibly affordable prices on their site.

The Couponizer retails for $19.95. It’s completely worth is because for just using it myself for over a month now, I’ve saved clear over $200 with using coupons alone! It pays for itself!