I’m going to try out several products tonight when I do some grocery shopping that you’ll be seeing upcoming reviews and  giveaways on.

I realize I forgot to write up a meal plan Monday this week. Oh, I’m sure it was because my husband was off from work and we weren’t home that day. Meals have kinda just been thrown together this week. I’m going to do better next week, promise! I did make home-made pizza again yesterday and gave the sauce a kick…tasted much better this time. Wow, I love my bread machine, it makes tossing together some dough so simple. What’s great is I can make a bunch, freeze it, and have it for a later time.

Hah to those who saw my twitter post that said ” To Hell With It All”… please excuse me on that.  I’ve been pretty moody all week and some people have given me one or two more reason to be so. I had to ask God for forgiveness, lol.  I try not to vent in my blog post but maybe I should instead of self containing. I’m sure my readers wouldn’t mind as long as I didnt’ make a habit of it… and I’m sure most can relate to my “issues” in some way or another.

My Dad’s birthday is coming up on Sunday! My mom will have to take pictures of what I got him so I can share and plug the good souls who made the gift I gave him possible.  I’m sure he’ll really love it  and I can’t wait for him to recieve it because he has no idea I sent something. I love that my Dad is having Banana Pudding instead of cake too. Banana Pudding is totally the bees knees!

My oldest sister is moving up to Rhode Island today…and she’s traveling with two little ones. I said a prayer for them as I know traveling with small children can be trying at times I’m sure. Mine has never acted up on the road so I can’t say I relate.  She’s moving from Norfolk, VA to RI… not too long a trip but long enough! My Sister is Loving Heart Mommy for those wondering.  Yes, she’s an OC Blogger too.

I’ve got a leapin’ leprechaun graphic to work on so I’ll chat with y’all later.