Tackle It Tuesday

I finished graphic design projects for the company I work for today but am having trouble sending the images over FTP wise. Seems they’ve changed there system security and need to talk to their site administrator so they can receive the latest T-shirt designs that I have finished for them. Hopefully it won’t take to long as it holds both them and me back from forward progression.

I’ve got several reviews coming up on Piggy Paint Nail Polish, Cover Plugs, Medi Buddy, and Wett Giggles just to name a few. I was working on getting everything organized into a folder/binder to keep track. So today was spent putting things in order.

I also spent the afternoon going through the clothes that Melody can’t wear anymore. It looks like she’ll be needing onesies and a few outfits now for nine months due to the fact that most of her six month clothes are too small now. That’s good though, she’s growing like she should be!

It’s getting late so I’m heading to bed now! TTFN