Spring Cleaning!

I’ve been spring cleaning like crazy…though, it’s technically not Spring until the 20th of next month! It’s feeling good to organize things alot better, and to give things away that we don’t need anymore. This is really great to because we should be moving somewhere…no idea where, in April since our lease will be up.

I am taking a look at my huge stack of books and I know that I could really use some book shelves from IKEA. Ikea is my favorite store ever! If we lived closer I would just go there to get some exercise but then again it would be extremely hard to not spend money! There’s even an addictive little song on Youtube by Jonathan Coulton all about Ikea. Currently, I have an Ikea computer desk, an office, chair, a kitchen table, and lots of other random useful things. See, I don’t mind spending money on things I know will be put to good use!

I’ve got loads of giveaways going on right now:

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce!
– ends 2/23/09 *closes today*

Spa Time Baby CozyCare Cape -ends 2/23/09 *closes today*

Wett Giggles – ends 3/06/09

Cover Plug – ends 3/06/09

Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy -ends 3/06/09

Piggy Paint Nail Polish – ends 3/08/09

Izola Shower Curtain – ends 3/08/09

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox – ends 3/15/09 *open tomorrow*

Toy Wrangler Giveaway! (2 Winners) -ends 3/15/09 *open tomorrow*

…and more to come from: LTD Chix, Toddler Bistro Box,  and PakNacks to just name a few.

I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to review these great products and I encourage to read my reviews on them, you can find the links to my reviews on the left hand side bar. I’m going to link them all on a page up on my top bar very soon and update my blog layout in a week or so.

My husband launched his website this month over at: http://thespaceturtle.com/
You should read his latest story if you visit! It’s really good, he based it off a sermon we heard at church yesterday.  I’m waiting for him to fix his blog up with the nice space turtle graphics I created for him but he’s been to busy to work on the layout for right now.

Loads of laundry need to be folded so TTFN!