Spa Time Baby CozyCare Cape- Review and Giveaway

Melody and Mommy modeling our Spa Time Baby Cape in Fizzy Citrus

Today may have been the all time best bath time experience that I’ve had with my daughter since she was born!  I’m sure you are wondering why…don’t worry, I’m going to tell you!

My daughter and I have a pretty normal bath routine, water in the tub, a handful of bright colored toys,  add my daughter and voila fun in the tub. My daughter sometimes starts having a little too much fun and guess what happens to mom? Yes, that’s right my little one enjoys flailing about splashing everywhere and I get soaked.  I used to try to tuck a towel into my shirt to prevent getting soaked but it usually fell off and sometimes even into the tub! I had about given up trying and then I came across a Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape!

What does this so called cape do for me and my daughter? I’ll enlighten you on it’s wonders. This cape is a super newwhitejpg350x5081comfortable, functional and fashionable towel for the baby that comes with an exclusive waterproof panel for you to wear! Come now, let’s hear the Oooo’s and aaaah’s! Oh, you need more? Let me tell you how it works.  Basically, you slip the cape over your neck and it keeps you arms, and shoulders dry.  When bath time is nearing it’s end I gather my little one up into my arms without worrying if a towel is going to fall off of her or if she is going to get cold because the towel isn’t thick enough.  This towel is made of 100% cotton terry cloth making it soft and absorbent, my daughter was dry within seconds of me patting her off (me wearing it and warming it up did wonders too, I’m sure)! I really do love this product and I will admit I thought it was kind of silly at first and that the price was maybe too much but after trying this product out for myself, I couldn’t be more wrong. Forget those hooded towels, buy this and you’ll be 100% satisfied, hands down!

Have I won you over with my review or shall I slap on some more southern charm? Since I love my readers and Spa Baby loves you too, we are going to give you a chance to win your very own CozyCare Cape of which retails for $38.95 (add $10 for monogramming) at

We are also going to thrown in a 25% discount to anyone who purchases something from their store. Just enter COZY at check out.

*Win it! Win a CozyCare Cape with your choice of color/design (Ducky Bubbles, Chic Baby, Far Out Floral, Camo Critter, or Fizzy Citrus).

Visit Spa Time Baby and let me know what product you would most likely purchase or are interested in and if it’s this product, let me know why. Please leave your correct email.

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Giveaway has been extended to March 6th  and is open to the USA. Winners will be notified shortly afterward by email. Please respond within 48 hours or you forfeit your prize to another participant.