Piggy Paint Non-toxic Fingernail Polish Review


I recently received a sample of the Piggy Paint nail polish color Girl’s Rule along with nail polish remover in the mail last week and I am happy to say that it’s a keeper! As, my daughter is not quite old enough to try this nail polish out yet, I decided that I would. I think most mother’s would prefer to try something new out before they gave it or used on their children.  First and foremost, I love everything that this nail polish has going for it as it has no toxic ingredients,  it’s odorless, and has a water-based formula. Yes, I will admit as soon as I opened the polish, I smelled it and no odor at all! I used to paint my nails a lot growing up but the odor for me just got to be too much and would end up getting bad headaches from those toxic fumes.  This nail polish dries pretty quickly and  it has a hard and durable finish with vibrant color ( I only applied one coat too)! I will probably just be painting my nails too when I paint my little ones piggies and fingers when she’s old enough!


The nail polish remover is also kid-friendly. It doesn’t contain acetone, is odorless, and is biodegradable. It’s also made from natural ingredients. I also like that it has a child proof cap on it, little details like that make a huge difference when you have wee little ones around.

I think the best way to introduce this to other little girls and their mommies is when we have slumber parties, because we will have those! There’s a nice variety of nail polish as it comes in  13 different colors! I decided I may just have to splurge and get some of these for myself down the road.   I was horrified I admit when I read that the normal nail polish that the founder was using to paint her daughters nails ate straight through a foam plate. It makes me shudder to wonder what it was doing to our nails! These put my mind at ease and they should put yours at ease too.  I encourage every mother, grandma, aunt,sister, and daughter to try these out. You won’t be disappointed knowing for health reasons alone, these are a lot better for everyone.  Visit Piggy Paint today!