My Valentine Gift


I had a really good weekend. I know you are probably wondering what the above picture is about. Well, the picture is a gift my husband had drawn by our good friend Jeff over at EXPLOSIVE LIMES.COM for me for Valentines. If you know me, you know that my husband and I met over the internet several years ago on EXPLOSIVE LIMES.COM’s creative writing forum. The is a very special picture as it incorporates lots of thing about our relationship together up until now. Some of the things are: The dessert and the mountains symbolize the distance between us in our relationship…he was in Oregon and I was in Georgia when we first met online, The bowl of chocolate is because he sent me chocolate through the mail and when it got to me it was melted…err… at least the intentions were good,  the giant exploding lime because that is where we met, the chocolate milk and the doughnuts…long story, and the little people are my husband and I…the artist and the writer. This picture will be framed in my office and I am sure it’ll be the conversation piece.  I love it!