Mini Toy Wrangler Review


I’ m going to share some love about the Luvloo Toy Wrangler! My daughter is in that stage where she thinks it’s fun to drop her toys, cups, or whatever and have me pick them up! This can get old after awhile, especially when I am out with friends at a restaurant and I can’t get  to her things under the table without making everyone move! Any Mom out there knows how much of a hassle this can be and that’s why Kristy, the founder of Luvloo came up with the Toy Wrangler!

I tested these out when I went grocery shopping! My mind was relieved when I knew my daughter wouldn’t lose or drop her toys on the dirty floor below. I shopped with peace of mind and was relieved to know my daughter would be more distracted by the toy wrangler and whatever I had attached  to it  rather than with nibbling on the shopping cart!

My Little one and her Luvloo Toy Wrangler
My little one and her Luvloo Toy Wrangler

The Toy Wrangler has the great little straps, they Velcro strap to strap together to whatever you’d like to fasten it to whether it be a shopping cart, high chair, stroller, baby carrier, or car seat! On the other end of the wrangler are round circle links, you can use these links to attach your child’s favorite toy, a bottle, a sippy cup,  or just leave them be because my daughter just like’s nibbling on those too since she’s been teething a lot. They are easy to keep clean too, just throw them in the wash!

I wish I had these a lot sooner! I think these would make super great baby shower gifts too! I like clothes for baby shower gifts just as much as the next mommy, but I also like practical really useful gifts like these!

You can find The Toy Wrangler here