Looking Ahead

The weather outside is absolutely gorgeous! This is not a typical February day for Oregon! We’ve got blue skies and highs in the sixties, is this striking anyone else as odd? My husband, daughter, and I took a walk to the park, meanwhile contemplating and deciding what route we are taking on relocating in the next two months. We sat down a few days ago with a home loan rep and we saw were we stood there. We are hoping and praying on getting into a rental home that we pay less for than the $775 we pay here for a 2 bedroom apartment. I don’t like apartments and quite frankly, who does? We have noisy neighbors, smokers on the top and bottom floor of us, and then we have little kids knocking on our door all the time asking for money. Oh, we got a notification today that we have to get rid of our grill, so there goes our yummy BBQ dinners.

Well, we aren’t going to be living here in two months, that much is certain. So, I’m going to be praying pretty hard about what were are wanting in house. I mean goodness people, I want to be able to open my window to let fresh air in for my family not toxic disgusting cigarette smoke. I want to be able to enjoy were I am at and not have to worry about some dog from upstairs pissing on my head or my child while we sit on porch ( which I don’t already do due to the smoking neighbors).

So yeah, I’ve been looking a lot online and going to snag some papers in the neighboring towns. I would ask that those of you that will, would pray for us.