Child Proofing

I’m big on baby proofing my home.  Did you know that accidental injury is the number one killer of children ages 14 and younger. I know some people may say, “When my kids were younger they learned not touch things and I told them no and they understood”. I say you don’t get second chances and I they are taking a lazy approach to it. I mean I grew up in a house of five sisters, we all touched things we weren’t supposed too even if we were told not to. What toddler isn’t going to want to touch the pretty vase of flowers on the table or knock potential knickknacks on top of themselves,  to just name a few. I respect people that think of my child when I am visiting by picking up here are there and taking precautions.  I tend to not take my child places that I know are not going to be safe for her. That’s why if I ever have someone watch my child, it’s going to be in my own home.

Teaching children about safety and responsibility is a part of child rearing, but that alone will not keep children safe. You cannot rely on your child’s obedience to your rules to keep him or her safe. It simply isn’t worth the risk. If every child did this, we’d all be pretty perfect!

This is more than a little issue, it’s a huge issue! My children and their safety will always be a huge issue.
It does become stressful when you have to visit other people’s houses when you know their house is full of tempting things for your child. Like my mother in laws home, it’s a huge no no for my daughter. There’s so many places where she can get hurt and get into.  There’s a coffee table in the living room full of books and magazines, there’s several shelves in the living room with knickknacks on it,  tape and videos on the floor in an easy access to a toddler, and ahhh and so many other things that put me on edge.  I’m so lucky that the life group that I attend has a baby safe home, because I can rest assured that my little one isn’t in any danger and I can focus on getting into the Word.

So, here’s my question to you mom’s out there, what do you do to baby proof, and what do you let your family know about baby-proofing their homes or have they already done so thinking of your child as well.
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