Day: February 23, 2009

The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox Review

When I heard about the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox it sparked my interest quite a bit! What is it you ask? This toolbox, so to speak is a fun yet useful gift for any dad or new to be daddy! Now I know how baby showers go, usually it’s just us woman sitting around oooing and aaahing over all the cute little bibs, blankies, and booties! But what about Dad? I know most men really don’t care to show up at the baby showers and usually they aren’t allowed.  I always thought the rule where they weren’t allowed to come wasn’t very great… Dad is going to be just as much a part of babies life as mom is going to be, this is why I think this gift is so great. Most of the time Mom gets things and baby gets things for the shower and then Dad gets left out, this box changes that.

My husband although he’s been a dad for about nine months now was quite interested in this toolbox and he even daddydtoolmodeled some of the fun items found in the box just for me and you! I find this picture completely hilarious and what I wouldn’t give to see more daddy’s dressed up and using most of all the attire of the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox !

I read over all the item descriptions when I first received it and literally I was cracking up!

So, what’s inside?

Gift includes:

* Mask —toxic fume filter for when it doesn’t smell like roses.
* Goggles —for protection against your own mini version of Old Faithful.
* Patent Pending Poop Poncho —need we say more???
* Tongs —Several inches of steel separation between you and the little warm wrapped gift.
* Turkey Baster —for precision hiney washing.
* Ear/Nose Plugs –use with care.
* Pacifier — scream plug.
* Baby Wipes — for cleaning baby bottom and various parts.
* Diaper for newborn — cute as a kitten until it gets wet then it looks and smells like a sewer rat.
* Bio Hazard bag and rubber gloves —for quarantine containment of the nuclear meltdown.
* Emergency Formula Container– doubles as a PeePee cover for WeWe.
* Hand Wipes– to clean up afterward. (For Dad’s use only).
* Picture Frame — this is your badge of honor.
…and Just Arrived!! Patent Pending Poop Ponchos free with purchase!!

All these things in the toolbox can be used for more than just this fun gag gift! You’ve got a nice photo frame for Dad to take with him to work, tongs for your grill, Baster for that thanksgiving turkey,  and ear plugs for those sleepless nights…because even now we have sleepless nights full of crying. We have to thank Chris for putting his ideas into  action and Julie Etzkorn to start Fun Stuff 4 babies.

Well, I know found my new dad to be gift to give to Daddy’s at baby showers! It’s sure to be a hit!

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