I am not all here! I am but I am not! The time change I am not fully adjusted to from visiting Georgia for a week  and then coming back. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and so is my husband and daughter.

Melody turned eight months old this week. Her top two teeth have come in as well. She’s been a bit cranky since we got back…excessively needy up to the fact that I can’t go to the toilet without her thinking I am leaving her. I also have to get work done on the computer and she has not been satisfied with playing on the floor next to me, instead she wants me to hold her. She gets mad and louder so she’s really been testing her limits. I decided that this week that I’ll let her stay in the nursery while I attend church. She needs to learn that it’s okay to not always be attached to my hip and she also needs to learn to play with other little kids. ( yes I will have my husband check on her midway through the church service to see if she’s okay). I’m getting trying not to get burned out so we’ll see how much more of her new behavior she will be pushing on us. I am hoping that this is just because she’s trying to readjust too…we’ll see.

Well it’s time for American Idol and the LOST. Time to take a break from the bloggy carnival. 🙂