It’s been a pretty crazy end to the week! I’m going to be quite busy next week as I attempt to get as much work for my contractor done as I can. So, I am hoping they’ll be around to see my drafts and let me know if they like were I am going so I can keep working!

Melody has been such a sweetie lately but she’s been into more things if I am not giving her attention but it’s understandable because I know she’s a pretty curious girl. She and I went to church today and she did well, she stayed awake for worship and then fell asleep as her daddy swayed her back and forth in the back of the church 🙂

I’ll be not around much here end of the month because I’ll be visiting my family down in Georgia. 🙂 It’ll be good to see them again, it’s been over two years and I know they’ve been dying to see their first granddaughter. Should be fun … I am not even going to think about packing until the week of.