I’m now 24

My birthday was nice for what it was. My poor little  Melody finally came down with the cold my husband had. She’s been snotty and not her normal chipper self. I am hoping she gets better before satuday when we fly out. So on my birthday I was extremly tired as Mel woke up five times during the night and was grumpy because she couldn’t breathe well while nursing.  Later on in the day I was debating on taking her out to dinner and lifegroup but she turned a leaf for the better once she had some tylenol in her.

DH took me to Sonic’s for my birthday! Yummy! He also surprised me with three gifts. He had a lot of fun hiding them in random places and me finding them on accident. He got me Castle in The Sky DVD, Spirited Away DVD ( I love STUDIO GHIBLI movies!!!), and Final Fantasy Advent Children collectors edition ( also a big Final Fantasy fan from my younger days… *cough* I’m still young). My life group made a yummy chocolate cake and gifted me some really cute Sanrio Hello Kitty Pj’s! 🙂 I’m loved…hehe. I can’t remember if I posted it, but my mother-in-law gifted me a lovely marble cutting board and a cookie cutter mold set along with some photo of sunflowers ( I’m a big sunflower fan!).

So all in all not a bad birthday… I just wish my little one was feeling better.