Fun Friday

Melody's Toothy Grin
Melody's Toothy Grin at Eight Months Old

Well today was much better than the previous days! I’ve finally re regulated my schedule and so has my daughter \o/

Today was the last day of the bloggy carnival and I’m really anxious to see if I won anything! I was so happy to make some people’s day with the contest/giveaways I hosted and I’ll be doing more soon… so keep a look out!

Later tonight my husband and I are going to watch “Fire Proof”!  I’ve really been looking forward to this movie so I’ll let y’all know what I think! If you didn’t know, the people who produced this movie were the same people that made Fly Wheel and the better known movie of these “Facing the Giants”.  What’s neat is that at one time if my Dad was hired at a certain place, we would have probably been attending the church that envisioned these wonderful movies that have reach lots of people.  I love when churches use the bodies gifts to work in such a wonderful way of outreach!