Chronologically Reading

Since January 1st of this year, I’ve been reading “The One Year Chronologial Bible” as to keep up with spending time in God’s word everyday. I’ve been really enjoying it! But that is not all I am doing. I take part in a reviewers group for christian books and I am reading those on the side too.  Right now I am reading “Losing Control and Liking It” & Market Place Memos and future books I’ll be reading are: Following God with All Your Heart, Grace for the Afflicted, The Shack, The Red Siren, Gatekeepers and many more.

In my chronological reading, I’m currently reading through Job. Job is basically a book that ask and answers the question ” Why Do Good People Suffer?” The biggest thing for me right now as with Job is to be patient because God does care about me and the situations I’m suffering with.

Today’s Bible reading is: Job 27:1 through Job 29:25