Bon voyage

Well, this will be my last update until I can either get my hands on a computer or just until I get back from my trip. I’ll be away for a week so don’t miss me too much, okay?

I’ve went over my list several times and I am pretty sure I haven’t forgotten anything! We will be getting up at 4am ..ugh, don’t look forward to that at all! Melody and I are not morning people AT ALL! Tomorrow is going to be a really long day but hopefully an enjoyable one! I’ll be flying out drug free (Dramamine) this time…so hopefully no getting sick on an airplane… I only have once but that was because it was excessively hot on the plane and it was during the landing part. I have no fear at all of flying! Crossing my fingers that Melody won’t get restless and no poop blow outs while in the air or at all if possible 😉

Ah, it should be interesting! Will update on the journey when I get back!