$15.00 StarBucks Card Giveaway WINNER!


Congratulations to Annabelle, she’s won the $15.00 GC! Unwind is a good thing! I hope you can use this GC for many more times of  unwinding! I know I need to unwind sometimes too!

Annabelle @ Christian Momma Says:

I have a friend that I meet at Starbucks once a month…just to unwind from a long day…we go there at night while our husbands stay home with our kids!

My favorite drink is a White Peppermint Mocha. My favorite Valentine is any time that my hubby surprises me with something…balloons, card, flowers…etc. He doesn’t always give me things for Valentine’s day because our twins’ birthday is on the 16th of February and my birthday is on the 22nd…so since he doesn’t always get me something (which is ok with me…really), when he does surprise me, it’s special!