Wordless Wednesday

Hair all done up in curls
Hair all done up in curls

Today really flew by… I am trying to figure out what I accomplished since my goals for the day changed massively from making jewelery to cleaning out the bedroom closet and bathroom cabinet. Hey, at least it got done!

Mel’s started saying new things now. She’s says O ( long o) and it’s so cute 🙂 I think she picked it up from me when I say to her ” Oh what are you doing down there”… hehe

I’ve also been reading through contracts and determining my designing skills for the next year. You have no idea how hard it is to not share what designs I am working on for the company.  That’s okay though, most people can wait to see the final product when it’s up on their site. With the massive amount of pay I am about to recieve, I can either put it aside for plane tickets or buy the new adobe program…

My apartment has been vibrating all day long. It’s due to the fact that the maintenance crew is redoing the outside walls and installing new gutters. This is also causing my daughters afternoon nap to be disrupted and driving me partially insane.

My wordless Wednesday is a picture of me with my hair all done up slightly fancy. That night the picture was taken, we were heading to the Celtic Thunder concert.