Two Little Teeth

I finally was able to get a picture into Melody’s mouth! You have no idea how hard  that was to get her mouth open without her tongue in the way and with her attempting to grab and munch on my camera! She’s been doing pretty good as far as the pain from teething is going and I am so proud of her for being such a little trooper. I did hear that it will the molars that ache and pain little ones more. We don’t look forward to those!

It’s pretty cold today ( twenties)! It’s raining and there’s snow mixed in. Oregon is under a winter storm advisory or is it warning? I can’t quite remember but I do know that church tomorrow probably will be canceled. Yes, it’s better for people to stay at home instead of braving the icy roads and dangerous conditions.

My family in Georgia is sick! That’s no fun! I guess maybe its’ a good thing we didn’t visit this them this month.