Tuesday with two days till Christmas!

Well, it looks like the snowy weather may have finally subsided! I enjoyed it greatly and would have even more if Oregon was prepared for it. The icy roads made it hard to get to places and dangerous for those not properly equipped with the right kind of walking gear ( i.e Me!).

I’ve been keeping busy today working on designs for my clients! Lots of great designs will be going their way from yours truly in the year to come!

My little one keeps blowing and leaking out of all of her diapers! I’ve tried different brands and it hasn’t helped! I am thinking about making the switch over to cloth diapers. I’ve read alot of good things about them if you are ready to spend a little extra time. What’s great about these too is that we will save over 50.00 a month on diapers and we can put that toward savings for a house. I’m really hoping to get into something better when our lease is up in April.