Melody agrees that “Teething Bites” !

I had to post a picture of my little one in her latest onesie with the design I created on it! Isn’t’ she cute! She’s been doing okay with teething so far… she had bit me once or twice during nursing but I am pretty sure she grasps the concept that if she does that, she doesn’t get to nurse.

We did make it up to Dornbecker on Wednesday. We lucked out and they called us in early before weather conditions got worse. It was crazy that our GPS kept leading us to every hill that my husbands car was never ever going to make it up with all the ice. I still find it funny how everywhere here almost closes with maybe 1-3 inches of snow on the ground. I used to live in Maine so I know what a real winter storm is.

I found that my daughters recent behavior is due to her over medication. The nursing 8-10 times a day instead of 3-5, the excessive hyper behavior, and the trouble sleeping due to the hyperactivity. She should regulate in about a month or so because it will take time even with her dose lowered.

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