Christmas Spent with the In-laws

Loot List:


A Winnie The Pooh Doll Superhero Masked ( from her Aunt)
A winter hat (from her Aunt)
A 12 month fleece type sleeper ( from her Grandparents)
My Lulla Bible A to Z Promise Book ( from her grandparents)
Babies First Christmas Ornament Precious Moments


6 disposable Grill Wipes (from his parents)
Mediterranean Barbeque Rub (from his parents)
A Grill Mitt (from his parents)
A Mini Flashlight (from his parents)
Picture Hangers (from his parents)

To Me

A Red Purse Bag with a giant button on it (from his parents)
A pair of Socks (from his parents)
Sunflower Notepad (from his parents)
Opening Windows Songs of Praise / Words of Inspiration cd (from his parents)
Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly (from his parents)
Honey Mustard Sauce (from his parents)
A hand towel with sunflowers on it
and a lacy doily thing

To both my husband and I

A glass box with lights in it ( from his sister)
and a scale ( we let them keep this due to the fact that we have one for our bathroom and a wonderful WIIFIT!)

MY favorite gifts would have to be the book for my daughter, the jelly and sauce, along with sweet little hat her aunt bought.  Next year I would favor to opt out as I mentioned before, I think it’s best with our growing  family and I would prefer they just buy for our child/children instead of for us.  But the beauty of getting gifts you don’t exactly know what to do with or that you think you’ll never use, you can re gift them to those you know that will ( like I know someone who could really use the 12 month outfit because I am pretty sure Melody won’t be wearing that in mid June).  The glass box/ light thing we received, we are reusing it for a condom container… lol… hey, it works and yes, I believe in using condoms over birth control.

We did manage to safely make it  home last night too! The roads were pretty slick so we are glad they let us borrow their chains.

We are heading out now to pick up some things for lunch and I think I am going to dye my hair today!