The day that most everyone spends confused

…and by my title, I’m referring to Daylights Savings Time! Though it doesnt’ really seem like we are saving anything…. according to the 700 Club less sleep a.k.a losing an hour, is bad for our hearts! …and it’s throwing my body off schedule for sure! So, please tell me what good comes from turning the clocks back?

I pureed carrots today in bulk and froze them for Melody’s future feedings. I figure I’ll be doing that with most of her food… it’s either buy a .50 cent jar of carrots or puree the ones I already get for free through WIC. For apple sauce, I’ll just buy the apple sauce with no added sugar and we are set on that instead of buying a small baby food jar of it. It’s a real money saver if you do all this yourself. It’s really quite simple to do it yourself too.