I shall not pass till I am finished

I am thrilled! The next two Twilight books that I ordered arrived in the mail today and oddly enough I am over here letting you know instead of pouring myself into the pages of such a great story.  I did vow to finish the book I started reading a few days ago first.

What book do you ask that I am reading? Well, a friend from my church life group lent me the book “Under The Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America”. This non-fiction book is quite fascinating! I read through the pages of these two mens testimonies and wonder to myself would I be so bold and courageous as to follow in their footsteps if God so called me to do so. Sure I say I will, but would I? This book is a real eye opener so be for warned that this book is quite a hard read to put down. I am not even finished with the book yet but I highly recommend it. It’s a real faith shaker and it just may give you a whole new outlook on the homeless of America!