Family Photos

My husband, daughter, and I had our Holiday photos taken at Sears yesterday. It was an interesting experience as I have never had any photos done professionally…well, except when I was 3 months old and 3 years old…both times I don’t’ remember. Besides all that, we got some great shots and Melody did well too except for when the photographer tried to get her to sit by herself. Melody didn’t like that at all.

We bought the Bronze pack which seemed like the best deal for what we wanted. We got 8 sheets of various sizes, a free 8×10, and the cd. I’d liked the idea of the cd because I could do what I wanted with the pictures. Speaking of doing what I wanted, I’ve ordered all of my photo Christmas cards from snap fish ( 20 for 20cents), cafe press ( 10 for free!), and then I bought twenty more from snap fish because that nice 20 for 20 deal didn’t show up until today… lol. I need to be working on Christmas Card list for the next two weeks.

Oooooo, a Sanrio store opened in the mall! I love Hello Kitty and pretty much anything Sanrio and hinted in a big way to my husband what I liked for ideas for Christmas for me… lol