I believe it has now officially entered the rainy season … so I guess I can kiss the sunshine could by for the next 6 months? …I love rain but sometimes with living here, I can easily get sick of it…hahaha

Yesterday I was quite busy as I entertained and fed my in-laws and my husbands Grandpa of whom is visiting all the way from Pennsylvania! Speaking of the PA, I bet the leaves on trees there are looking gorgeous… I would know this because when I was 8-10 years old, my family and I lived in PA and it was absolutely stunning. My Mom has several great pictures of my older sister and I standing on a covered bridge with the fall trees all around! Here in Oregon, it’s a different story, there’s so many Evergreens that all you see is green! …And this is why my husband needs to take my daughter and I to the pumpkin fields to get some Fall color in our pictures… and hopefully on a day when it doesn’t rain.

So tomorrow since my husband has the day off and GG Lowmaster is visiting, we are going to go up to Tillamook Oregon and visit the dairy/cheese factory! That’ll be fun and dry…lol. I don’t want to be getting Melody out in the rain to much especially with cold season about to start…

Justin should be home for lunch soon so I gotta fly!