Computer Relocation

I’ve recently had my computer moved from the home office into a corner in the dining room. Why? Well, I want to be able to work and also give my daughter the opportunity to explore her world instead of being cooped up in a pack and play all day. It looks like so far the decision is paying off as I’ve gotten more work done today than I was able to before the relocation of my computer and the arrival of my daughter. As you can see above I created that spiffy little card this afternoon… following in the footsteps of the santa elf, and the well love gingerbread card.

The relocation was supposed to be easy and nothing was supposed to go wrong… well for some reason my sound card and nice 5.1 speakers decide to just die on me! That I could have done without! My husband kindly fixed the issue for me this weekend and everything is working nicely now 🙂