20 weeks old

My daughter has turned 20 weeks old today! She’s growing and changing so much! Right now, she’s in the teething stage of her life. Her demeanor only has changed a little bit to being a bit grumpy… I can tell her gums are sore. She grabs whatever she can get her hands on and gnaws the life out of it.  Currently she enjoys gnawing on my smart mom teething jewelry. I am glad she likes it and I am happy to have bought it because before she grab lose bits of my clothes and suck on that when I held her… That was no good because she would leave giant saliva spots when out in public! So teething necklaces to some may be a bit spendy but I say they are worth it if you are out and about alot and these are not only convenient but fashionably trendy to!

Melody loves to listen to her baby Einstein cd -Baby Beethoven.. I hope to collect the others. Even I like listening to them with her 🙂

Well, I better tidy up before heading out on our errands later!