Where has this month gone? I decided since I can’t get to sleep that I would log a thing or two down. My blog has been pretty bare these last couple of weeks but life has been anything but. I am still wondering how those parents of three or four kids do it. Maybe it gets easier? I’m sure I’ll find out one day.

Over the weekend my husband, daughter and I went to the OMSI… it’s a science musuem and a cool one at that. There was so much to take in and it was so busy that I felt like I couldn’t. Melody was really enjoying herself too. .. there wasn’t a peep out of her all day. She’s such a little doll.

Speaking of Melody, poor little thing must have her teeth coming in as she keeps poking her tongue in that general direction and she seems to want to gnaw on just about everything now.  Another thing is from 7pm and on she seems to really be fighting her bedtime…she just becomes generally cranky… I’m hoping that this won’t last that long. Needy… yes some days more than others I just think it’s because she is becoming even more aware of what’s around her and the teething too… I don’t mind because I’m Mommy and I know she needs me but it can be rather draining and hard to do things because if I leave her be she’ll start crying and every mother knows how that sucks the energy that you do have right out!

I managed to get some work done in the art department but not as much as I would have liked… then again, it is only Monday, so I hope this week will get a little better for me… Already Monday and I’m crying for the weekend…going to ask God for a bit more energy and peace of mind 😛

I guess maybe I should try to get some sleep now, Lord willing…