After Labor Day

Busy weekend!¬† I got art done today which was really¬† nice. Melody is getting better at napping alone and playing by herself…so it’s been a blessing in my art/design world.

How was everybody’s Labor Day Weekend? Ours over here went well. We did not really have any big plans and we didn’t get together with family because well I am sure they had other plans. On Saturday, we headed up to Portland to go to the Ikea store! I love Ikea! I purchased myself a computer desk named Mikael … I got the red and white one and my husband decided to get a black and white one for himself. We currently blessed a friend of ours too with one of the older computer desks that we had ( which someone had given us when we were married). It nice to be able to get new things and bless others with what you don’t need or want anymore. Speaking of that, I still am going through alot of clothes to give away to local clothing closets… some of my clothes I’ve had since I was 13… I figure it’s time to dress my age now… lol … plus, I’m growing accustomed to my own new style too ( shopped the Chadwicks outlet yesterday…great deals on great clothes!).

Brb… diaper change time! …