Weekend Wrap Up

We finally received that rain we needed today! Praise the Lord! It had been so hot over the weekend that even my 11 week old daughter was uncomfortable and crabby! She’s so much happier today! How was everyone’s weekend, I wonder! Mine was good despite the heat!

On Saturday my husband and I went up to the Portland Saturday Market. That was quite fun as we parked and we walked up the waterfront… the weather wasn’t to warm yet and there was a nice breeze. So, most of the people around looked pretty normal until a naked guy with a censored sign in front of him rode by on a bike. Apparently if you aren’t doing anything obscene or something like that it’s perfectly legal to be naked in Portland…Yipee… *cough* That explains the bumper stickers that read ” Keep Portland Weird”. I’m just glad he wasn’t completely naked that we could see everything.

So, at the market we got Melody two cute little bonnet hats, a hat for myself, and my husband got a pretty cool looking statue that was made out of scrap metal. Later that evening we went to Washington Square (mall) and I got found a great deal on two $60.00 dresses! Each dress on sell cost 14.00… you can’t beat that. I got a lovely black and green patterned one and a black and white polka dot. These are great dresses because they are wrap dresses and I can easily nurse my daughter and dress up nice for church or wherever I may be going. It beat the price of nursing dresses, trust me!I love JC Penny’s and their online outlet is a Godsend too! For supper we went to the NewPort Bay restaurant more or less because we got a free promotional gift card through the mail so that took care of the payment. The food was pretty delicious… it’s the first time in about three years I had been there. I first went to that restaurant on date with my husband before we were married 🙂

How was Sunday? Well, I decided it was time to attempt church again with Melody! We got through everything but the last 15 minutes of the service! She’s doing better and the only reason we had to leave the service is because she did a poo poo and needed changed and I figured to stay out since we only had a few more minutes left! 🙂 Yay, we’ll try again next week.  Also, my husbands family visited Sunday afternoon to late evening so I’m a bit tired today.  I’m going to get the rest I need and start drawing again sometime this week if time allows and God forbids!