Okay, I got back from the specialist not too long ago. I must say the Dornbecker Children Hospital is very nice. How’s Melody doing? She’s doing okay… she’ s hitting all her marks development wise …she’s growing healthy. The Doctor explained Hypothyroidism to us more thoroughly than we were briefed on before. Melody’s medication was adjusted because one of her thyroid levels is too high so she’ll be taking 1 1/2 tablets one and 2 the next until her next blood work test in a month. We will also be seeing her specialist again in four months time. I asked if Melody would have this disease for her whole life…he told me time would tell. He said when she turns three we will go one month without the medicine so it can get out of her system and then see if her levels hold on there own… if they do she won’t have to take medications anymore…. I’m praying for that and I ask that you would too!