Cute Picture

Me and Melody ( 12 weeks old~)
Me and Melody
Melody and her Boppy

Okay, the only reason I headed to the mall today was for one specific thing and then I find out when I get¬†there they only carry it online! So much for trying to save money in the shipping department!I did happen to get two over jackets to wear over my dresses when it’s cooler though. I still haven’t quite gotten used to all the rain and cool weather being from Georgia and all.¬† I’m looking forward to the fall weather though as it’s pretty hot lately and without full AC it’s been rather uncomfortable…especially in the computer/office room where I tend to get most of work done!

I need to get someone to take better pictures of me and my daughter together… the picture above was taken by me… but it took several attempts to get us both in the picture… lol … My husbands friend should be doing a photo shoot of our daughter pretty soon. I can’t wait to get it scheduled.