Wow! Snapfish is having a great promotional deal right now! If you order 50 4×6 pictures right now, they’ll be 1 cent each! You have to hurry because this great deal will be over on July 12th! I took advantage and am getting 50 prints of our trip to the beach this fourth of July!

I had a good 4th of July weekend. It was my first trip to the pacific coast and Melody’s first trip to the beach!¬† The pacific coast is much different than the east coast. It’s much cooler, temperatures only in the 60’s and quite windy.. it’s great for kite flying if nothing else. I would’ve liked to stay longer but I was not exactly dressed for it and I didn’t want Melody to catch a chill or get an ear ache. It did rain a bit but we found refuge in cute little pirate themed pastry shop. We also took in the sites of a glass blowing place were you could create your own float or paper weight.¬† Shrimp pizza was called for at lunch and after a bit of souvenir¬† and outlet shopping, we headed home before the traffic got too crazy.

That’s my 4th of July in a nut shell!