Let’s Get Fit!

My husband and I purchased WiiFit last week and it was an almost welcome to reality for me. I know I only had a baby two months ago and the weight is pretty much gone from that but I was planning on getting back in shape and have slightly been putting it aside…SHAME on ME! Well, according to the Wiifit my weight is where it should be but my balance is off a whole lot and I am weak! I could’ve told you about the weak thing! So, what I need to work on is getting tone. How much have I played the Wiifit since I found out that about myself? Not a whole lot so when I heard from Penny today, it was a kick in the face or more like the pants and I thank her for asking for a review on her sites!

So, let me tell you about Penny! Penny is a pretty awesome woman/mom and you find that out easily by checking out her personal blog or even her blog about her fitness journey! She currently has her own fitness studio for women of all ages and I am only slightly annoyed that her studio is in Texas. So lucky for you Texans and not luck for me in Oregon. I did manage to find something useful for myself off her studio site “My Physique INC”. What did I find? I found this great recipe for Salmon! I love fish and it’s also a reminder that I should probably cut my personal fried chicken recipe ( I’m from Georgia) out of the diet for awhile… more or less for my husbands sake as he needs to lose about seventy pounds. Ouch!

I hope I have encouraged you enough to swing by Penny’s sites as I know I really enjoyed them all even though I was slightly convicted but it’s all for the better!