Friday Feast and Lazy Saturday

I did nothing but sit around today and you know, we all need days like that! There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing in the day that God has given us!

Yesterday evening my husband and I ( along with our daughter) enjoyed a nice night out as we had dinner at Stanfords. We probably would have not just up and decided to go, but we received a gift card through the mail as a promotional hook, along with on from New Port Bay ( my husband and I’s first date a fancy resturaunt…so to speak).  The food was tasty but for the price probaby not worth it. It was also quite odd that our waitress wrote what her tip should be on the check.  We intended on tipping but that was just a bit weird.

I changed the layout on both my daughters and my own blog. I felt as if it needed some sprucing up. I plan to tinker around in the near future with the layout and add my own fun images.

I was quite disappointed today that Zazzle decided to ask my Mom to remove her design because it may be offensive to some.  You can see the picture below.  I thought the design is quite clever and it does not seem to be what they are describing… lots of things could be offensive to people on their site.  Alas, maybe I am more upset because I am a christian but still…

I hope to be reviewing some christian books and other things on my blog soon…so be sure to subscribe to my feed for future blog post updates!