A Flash back!

I am really looking forward to Fun In The Park this Saturday! This picture was taken of me last year after we had returned home from the event. 🙂 I got pretty dolphins spray painted on my face.

What is Fun in The Park? Fun in the Park is a “coming together” as a community—a light-hearted, competition-free, all-kids-are-equal kind of gathering. Creative planning is supported by over 160 organizations, and the help of more than 600 volunteers.

The festival is a free gift to the community because of generous sponsors who underwrite the budget and gracious volunteers who serve.

Pretty cool huh?

I keep thinking today is Friday… don’t you hate the weeks when you are thrown off by a day or two? Besides that, I got a call back from Pediatrician on Melody’s blood work and her thyroid levels are the same. The same is better than worse I guess. Next week is the specialist visit..he might adjust her drug intake but we’ll see.