An Update

Mommy, Daddy, and baby Melody are all doing great over here. I had no time for update before but I figure I’ve got time for one now.

I just laid Melody down to sleep after I just fed her and gave her a bath. It’s her first real bath since her cord came off earlier this morning.  She’s so adorable and a great little baby… we just have to figure out the night schedule still… she’s been wanting to sleep in the bed with us instead of her own… we’ll see how that goes.

Labor and delivery…how did that go? It went well. I went in Tuesday the 27th to be induced and had natural birth in mind but shortly after my water got broken… about 3-4 hours later my contractions were hurting me so badly that I went ahead and got an epidural done. I felt so much better afterwards… well other than the drive heaving of nausea it caused me. I did have to have second dose of the epidural because I started having alot of pain in left side of my body.  I had the baby around 4:00pm since I dilated pretty quickly. I went from 4 cm around 1pm to 9-10cm at 4pm. I only had to push for no longer than ten minutes. My RN started my pushing and the Doctor arrived short after to deliver my baby 🙂 What an experience it all was. Melody had three visitors in the hospital … Grandma Becky, Auntie Megan , and our life group leader and friend Jake and of course there were calls from family in Georgia too.

How are we doing on sleep? We are doing okay… no major loss and I feel great… my stitches aren’t bothering me anymore and as for the bleeding, it’s been pretty light now.  The breastfeeding took some getting used to as I wasn’t having her properly latch right off so I got bruised pretty badly and was quite sore to begin with.

She weighed 6lbs 9ounces at the pediatrician visit so we are hoping she weighs a lot more at her two week visit but other than that, she’s a very healthy little girl 🙂