Time is ticking

With only 22 days more or less to go, things are getting pretty much ready for our new little arrival 🙂
I had an enjoyable baby shower and would love to thank my mother in-law, sister- in law, and my husbands aunt for putting it together for us. I’ll have to work on getting those Thank You cards out sometime soon. I believe I slept for 12 hours straight to recuperate over the weekend.  LOL … but from what I’ve heard mommy and baby are going to be needing all that extra energy!

My husband and I saw Iron Man yesterday in the theater with a couple of our friends. It was an enjoyable movie and had character as well as action which is a must have for all women!

The weather has been just wonderful and it looks like it’s here to finally stay! I always seem more chipper when the sun is out for the most part… it’s because I’m from the south… lol