The Waiting Game

It’s the waiting game for me. I turn 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow but I am pretty sure I could have my baby anytime now. I survived the record high temperatures of the weekend with almost grace…lol… No, I was completely miserable up until Saturday evening when a friend of my husbands gave us a AC unit which they no longer used or needed. Praise The Lord. I actually got a full night of rest Saturday night.

The contractions are still very on and off. Stronger yes… so strong a few times I was ready to go out the door to the hospital but to much ado, they stop and don’t occur again for awhile. I’m so ready for her to come out!

I had my baby shower get together with my life group and it was a lot of fun 🙂 Melody got lots of great little gifts which I am sure she will love!

Last night, my life group attended a showing of Lord Save us From Your Followers.. it’s main focus being and asking the question Why is the Gospel of Love Dividing America?” it’s A very fascinating the documentary so I recommend it to everyone to see.