My stomach kinda looks like that beach ball! It’s Friday and still Melody is hanging on in there. I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and my Doctor said I am about 3cm dilated and still 90ish effaced. Still she can come at anytime. My husband and I went ahead and scheduled to have her induced on her due date ( Tuesday).  So we shall see if she stays in my tummy for that much longer.  I just finished seeing what needed cleaned and sanitized around the house and there wasn’t much for me to do.  I’m just really ready for my baby girl to be here!

Justin is planning on making some yummy Italian chicken on the grill tonight for dinner… so I am hoping I am still around for that. LOL…. I just finished eating half a watermelon and am quite full 🙂

Hanging in there… and if there’s no updates on here for a few days, that means my baby came!