Social Spark

I was introduced to SocialSpark a few weeks ago and decided to sign up. What is it exactly, you ask? It’s basically a social community for bloggers and advertisers alike. You can easily sign up and register your blog, wait a few days or so for approval from customer love, and you’ll be able to browse many types of opportunities, blog about them and make money. This a great way for me as stay at home, free lance graphic designer mom to make money for shopping trips and to put money into my daughters savings account.

SocialSpark also has a great code of ethics, 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, 100% Transparency, 100% Real Opinions and 100% Search Engine Friendly. SocialSpark is not only a great money maker but it is also a great community…you can make all sorts friends, send messages easily, leave comments on people’s profiles, give props, and read blogs from fellow social sparkers.

Another great thing about SocialSpark is, lets say you are pretty busy doing things and a great opportunity is available, and your friend is on and reserves it, they can send the opportunity to you so when you get home and log in, its waiting in your inbox so you don’t have to go look for it. Also you can reserve an opportunity that you like and when it is available to write about, you’ll get an email and set time to do so ( about 12 hours).

It’s a great place to get exposure for your blog, make friends, and money! If you are like me and have your own business, Social Spark can bring in lots of potential customers! So what are you waiting for? Go sign up with SocialSpark now. You won’t regret it.

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