Slowing it Down!

Just so people know, I won’t be on the internet much for the next few weeks and possibly after. As, I’ll be busy getting moved in to our new place, preparing for baby, and trying to get plenty of rest. Hence, the lack of new designs. I’ll try to make a new blog post on occasion but as for my hours in front of the computer designing, hours sleeping seem more appealing at this time. I’ve been having a hard time concentrating or coming up with anything in the design department…lol… I’ve got ideas sure but I’m not getting very good visuals. I guess my mind is just running everywhere else. I’m somewhat in a daze… or I feel like I’ve taken a few too many pills for allergies. LOL… yeah, so taking one day at time and trying not to put to much on a plate. What a transition I am about to get thrown into for sure! There’s nothing like being a new mommy huh?