I was sleepless but not in Seattle, Washington… I’m shy several hundreds of miles from there.  I am just about 29 weeks pregnant and the discomfort and lack of sleep of which I was told about has suddenly hit me like a wild cougar out of nowhere!  Saturday I could not sleep but maybe 2-3 hours and then that afternoon I tried to take a nap because I really needed one and I could not fall asleep… I was tired but restless. I skipped Bible study last night so I could try to get some sleep even. My husband bought me some unisom which the Doctor recommended if I was having trouble sleeping and it actually worked. Now, I don’t want to use it all the time and become some sort of addict but I really needed it yesterday ( a.k.a I don’t like taking drugs while being pregnant) . I feel so much better today… it was good to sleep all through the night.