Happy Birthday to my Husband

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Today my husband turns 24! *throws confetti*

I was intending on buying him a grill for his birthday but instead, I got him the Windows XP operating system!
He loves it and is glad to no longer be living in the stone age of Windows 2000. LOL

I didn’t make him a cake for his birthday because he has a Strawberry Rhubarb pie leftover from his Easter/birthday thing at his parents on Sunday. lso, my husband would prefer pie to cake any day… that’s not how I am! As long as the cake isn’t murdered by too sweet frosting or overcooked, cake is my all time favorite. I personally love my Mom’s Mississippi Mud Cake and Devil’s Food… both of those cakes are to die for! * drools*


I’ve had to slow down on moving/packing a bit…. it’s really been wearing me out… or is it because I am now 31 weeks preggy and running thin on energy, air, and space? lol


Also, I drew a cute little Zebra today!