A Week of Work


I would say both me and Melody are growing by leaps and bounds!
I am 29 weeks pregnant in the picture above with only 10 weeks to go!

I’ve been keeping busy all week working for ChristianShirts.net and today I am also
still working on designs for them as I continue to poke and prod at ideas for affiliate banners.
Sometimes it can be challenge to figure out what my customer wants but in the long
run it usually works out rather nicely.   I actually I am quite happy with the last concept art I sent them.
Meaning I can’t wait to display the banner on my site 🙂  We shall see which ones they end up liking. I also decided that animation is possibly out of the picture since that would be harder for them to tinker with if they didn’t have their own animation program.

Yesterday, my husband and I got a few containers to store things in to help with the move. It’ll be good to put my cross-stitching and beading stuff away before the baby comes. I would hate for her to get a hold of a needle or swallow some beads! Eek! As for the move, we have to make an appointment with the head manager at the apartment sometime soon to go through all the paperwork but pretty much everything should be set.