The Adventure of the Crib

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Yesterday was a fun day, figuratively speaking.

I wrote this little bit about the crib I bought from some nice people off Craigslist.

From Vancover to Wilsonville,
you traveled to me… not in a van or a car or a SUV
I thanked the people who brought you and I wished them well
Then their truck wouldn’t start, that must’ve been hell
For an hour they sat and waited on triple A
I’m sure they wished they were home sooner on this bright and
beautiful day. I sent them an e-mail and told them I felt bad.
I was happy and at the same time yet still sad.
I was glad that I got you knowing you’d treat Melody well.
I just wish the deliverers journey would’ve been more swell…

I’ll upload some photos of the crib later after I pick up the bedding with my husband!