Easy Photoshop Watermark Tutorial

Today I’d like to teach you how to make a quick and easy watermark in Adobe Photoshop. It’s nice to have a watermark on your photos and personal designs to say hey, I created this and pretty much no stealing is allowed! I use this all the time for my design that are up on my gallery.

My latest version of Photoshop 7 so I’d say this effect can be applied in later versions as well.

Watermark 01 Tutorial

Step 1: Open the image you’d like to use ( I’m using a lovely plate of sushi) , go to your actions palette and create a new action. I called it ‘watermark’. I am also going to show you how to apply the watermark to several photos using the batch command.Step 2: Create a new layer, choose custom shape tool and click on the copyright sign. Or you have the option of just using one from a font, it’s entirely up to you. I myself prefer using a font and then writing my business name, etc…

Step 3: After you’ve placed your copyright symbol, apply the emboss filter to your copyright sign ( filter> stylize>emboss).

Step 4 : Now change your layer mode to hard light and that creates a nice invisible type look to it.

Step 5: When you’re done, click on the stop icon at the bottom of the Actions Palette to finish the recording.

Note: This next step is if you want to batch add a copyright/watermark to many images at a time.

Step 6:
Go to file>automate>batch. Choose your actions’s name ( watermark) and click on ‘Choose’ to choose your folder full of photos, then under ‘Destination’ choose ‘Save and Close’. This will apply the watermark, and copyright to your images and then save and close the documents. Yay, your done! See how easy that was!


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